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Hit Square

Up: The game

One of the hardest game is here.


UP is an endless casual game. As simple as possible, in game there is bunch of platforms and task for player is to keep your character to move up by just clicking on screen. And also avoid spikes and avoid to hit your character with bottom of screen.

You think it’s just one click game but not it’s not because it’s about timing when you can jump. If jump is not on time you lose and i challenge you to you can’t make more than 10 score at starting.

We show that the lot of people can handle this game any more, most of the people say it’s impossible to climb up but reality is game is hard but not impossible. If you play “Geometry Dash” then you can easily time jump in our game also.

In our “Two Guy” game you also see our this type of difficulty level because we are “Hit Square” and we make games to fun, enjoyable and yes little bit hard too.

If you think you prove me wrong then go, download it and be the topper of the leader-board.

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